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What is a Monitrice and why YOU might need one…

A Monitrice has the primary role of labor support. Like a doula, I offer continuous personalized loving support during labor. In addition, as a Certified Obstetrical RN, I can perform limited clinical assessments. These are always optional at the discretion of the mother and include monitoring the baby’s heart rate during labor, mom’s vital signs, and assessing cervical dilation in the comfort of YOUR HOME before you decide to go to your birth facility or send for your home birth provider.

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“I am here for YOU”

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Labor & Birth Services

  • Free Initial Consult

  • Comprehensive Childbirth Class

  • Private Access to Client Resource Directory

  • Birth Plan Consultation

  • Loving Labor and Birth Support

  • Postpartum Home Visit

  • Phone and Text Support

  • Nurse Services at Client Discretion



  • Designed to be intimate and healing for the mother.

  • Facilitation and Supplies Provided

  • Usually done in the month prior to delivery

Prenatal Childbirth Classes 
Preparation to navigate your birthing process with experience to support you along the way.

Comprehensive: 4 Private Sessions 

  • Each 2-hour session includes a customized course that guides you from early labor at home through postpartum care. It is excellent for couples desiring to take charge of their experience and want to be prepared for the unknowns of labor. I will guide you with 

    • Hands-on Practice

    • Confidence Building

    • Making Informed Choices

    • Relevant Resources

Compact: 1 Private Intensive Session 

  • For those who are under extreme time constraints. If you are highly motivated to do the homework but have very little time, this is the class for you. This is a bare-bones class to navigate the very important concepts prior to your birth. 

    • This course is also a great refresher if you have taken a class in a prior pregnancy.

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Specialized Consultation

  • Not sure what questions to ask?

  • What resources do you have access to?

  • Do you need to do things differently this time?

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know. My experience and education may lend a different view to your most pressing needs. Let me help you review pregnancy-related issues or questions. Together, we can develop a plan to increase your chances of success.

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Postpartum Support Visit

  • 2-hour visit

  • Your choice of:

    • Breastfeeding Help

    • Loving Maternal Support (emotional and physical)

    • Light Home Cleaning

    • Nourishing Meal prep

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