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“ Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”

- Madam C.J. Walker

The Mother’s Advocate

The Mother’s Advocate is a grassroots organization founded by myself,
Katrice Carpenter. It was birthed from my innate desire to help other
women, as women have helped me. Providing guidance, offering
resources, and helping women find their voice through the birthing
process was something that came natural to me. I had to help them, to
advocate for their best outcome. When they did not have the resources, I wanted to send them to someone who did.

The deep desire for advocacy was how I developed my guiding principle

“Empowering Women through Education and Support”.

Our 2020 & 2021 Efforts

Black Mother’s Speak Forum

Her voice is powerful and her journey is beautiful

This forum was first and foremost to give voice to the Black Mother.

  • To empower the voices and experiences of black women so they will be heard.

  • To exchange knowledge regarding pregnancy and postpartum providers and the services they offer.

  • To raise awareness of local resources and allies that aim to support black mothers while reducing complications, particularly in the most vulnerable groups.

  • To begin the work of realizing and embedding the factors which will cause a step change in maternity outcomes for black mothers and babies.

The Community Collective

Designed to facilitate collaboration and sustainability of black community doulas, while supporting, educating, and empowering pregnant black women in the community.  This comes by strategically aligning with like-minded individuals and organizations and creating a framework that supports positive outcomes in black maternal and child health.

  • To foster the sustainability of doula work and promote longevity of doula resources in the community.

  • To provide black community doulas access to collaboration and mentorship

  • To match those doulas with pregnant black women in the community

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