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Choose the Support and Experience That a Monitrice Can Offer


First Time Parents

You want to learn “all” the things, right? I am your educator, labor supporter, and breastfeeding helper.



Having Help

I can closely monitor your labor progress and baby’s heart rate. My experience provides reassurance of what labor looks like.


Staying Home a Bit Longer

Do you desire to labor longer at home? I can help you to know what stage you are in.



Are you seeking experience with vaginal birth after a prior cesarean section,  I just LOVE these!


No More Negativity

Did a previous experience leave you with a negative view of birth? This time, you want the right support.


Planning a homebirth, but don’t want to call the midwife too soon? Do you want wonderful labor support throughout your experience?


I Am With You at Home, at the Birth Center, or the Hospital

Blue and White Bedroom with sunlit window and flowers and clock on beside table
Bedroom in sage green and off white tone
Hospital birth room with gray and white
Hospital birth room with gray and white

“I couldn’t have made it through all of this without you”



Experience Matters! For 15 years I Have Served Others as a Registered Nurse. I Have Cared For Mothers, Babies, and Families in All Aspects of Maternity Care.


As Your Support, I am With You During Pregnancy, Your Birth Experience, and Postpartum.


One of My Passions is Empowering Mothers to Advocate for Themselves. Education and Support are VITAL to Getting the Experience You Desire.

“My labor and delivery atmosphere was really dope if I must say so myself”… Dalinda


Health Benefits of Continuous Labor Support

Spontaneous Vaginal Birth

Breastfeeding Success

Postpartum Health

Satisfaction Rates

Black and White Up Arrow
Black and White Up Arrow

Negative Birth Experience
Length of Labor
Need for Intervention
Need for Pain Medication

Please know I am dedicated to providing families with exceptional education and nurturing support.
Every birth is unique and will I strive to provide care customized to your needs. 
YOU deserve to feel positive and empowered by your birth experience.

Let’s achieve it together.

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